We’re excited to announce that we have officially started working on the ChainSwap Hub.

Our vision with the ChainSwap Hub is a platform integrating various applications and tools cross-chain.

We aim to connect and simplify the currently spread application infrastructure into a smart hub where users will be able to reach and use all kinds of applications through ChainSwap Hub with one click.

The ChainSwap Hub will contain a series of applications from bridges to cross-chain Dapps, including the ChainSwap bridge, other aggregation bridges, DeFi applications, and cross-chain of NFTs.

In the future we will also do lending applications and dex crosschain integration, which will involve all aspects of projects in various fields, empowering all kinds of dapps.

We are building hub in two parallels:

1) ChainSwap native applications such as the bridge and DeFi applications

2) Integration with existing projects and aggregating them into a common front end, thus improving user experience.

Projects that are interested in exploring hub collaborations can fill a whitelist that we will open in the near future. Please stay tuned.


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