Chainswap Joins forces with Anyswap

Today, there are several cross-chain bridges in crypto space that are building similar infrastructures. Unfortunately, several of them have recently fallen victim to hacker attacks including ChainSwap, showing that this market is still nascent and needs improvement.

We believe that this collaboration with Anyswap can provide the most solid and productive foundation for cross-chain industry as Anyswap is the leading cross-chain protocol. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we are joining forces with Anyswap.

We believe this partnership will speed up the industry-wide R&D process of the cross-chain solutions. It will enable ChainSwap to recover from the recent exploit incident more easily, as well as provide flexibility for deployment and fulfill more market demand.

Summary of the collaboration at the initial stage:

We are grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with Anyswap, and we believe that this cross-chain alliance is contributing to the better future of decentralized finance. We will continue to keep our users posted about the progress of integration and release, as more details become available.



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