ChainSwap Partners Up with Chromia

2 min readMay 25, 2021


We are pleased to announce that ChainSwap has partnered with Chromia, an innovative blockchain platform that aims to bring scalability and powerful new features to dApps. Shortly after the CHR token is ported to Binance Smart Chain, ChainSwap will enable ERC-20/BEP-20 bridging for their token. In addition, we will also work with Chromia in the future to investigate the possibility of bridging CHR and CHR based tokens to other EVM-compatible chains.

The Chromia team brings years of experience and new ideas to the space. Their relational blockchain architecture creates unique opportunities for both Layer-1 dApps as well as Layer-2 enhancements for BSC and Ethereum. We are excited to work with the Chromia team and look forward to assisting them in both the short term and the long term.

About Chromia

Chromia is a new blockchain platform for decentralized applications, conceived in response to the shortcomings of existing platforms and designed to enable a new generation of dapps to scale beyond what is currently possible

About ChainSwap

ChainSwap is a cross-chain asset bridge & application hub for smart chains. ChainSwap allows projects to seamlessly bridge between ETH, BSC and HECO. In the future ChainSwap will be integrating chains and provide full cross-chain solutions between BTC, DOT, SOL and more.