ChainSwap PermissionLess CrossChain NFT Bridge | Coming soon …

As the NFT market continues to explode and bring in new users to the crypto market, ChainSwap is soon launching our highly anticipated PermissionLess CrossChain NFT Bridge to our users.

In a nutshell, users would be able to bridge their NFTs from one chain to another chain without the need of any approval/permission/support from the NFT project/issuer or the destination chain.

Please see below for a quick sneak peek for our NFT Bridge features and its smooth bridging procedures.

Crosschain NFT Bridge sneak peek

  1. Visualization of your NFTs in the “Inventory”

2. Easy 2 steps bridging cross chain (from ETH to BSC in the example below).

3. Creating crosschain NFT without any pre-approval/permission.

4. Support of multiple chains with more to come.

5. Clean and simple interface for best user experience.

We will be launching very soon! Stay tuned! And as always, if you have any feedback, comments, please let us know! We value our community voices!



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