ChainSwap PermissionLess CrossChain NFT Bridge | Highlights

ChainSwap is excited to announce the launch of NFT cross-chain bridge connecting Ethereum and BSC network. It will soon support more ecosystems including Arbitrum, MATIC, Solana, Terra, and AVAX.

Seamlessly bridge your NFTs with ChainSwap now!

Highlights of ChainSwap’s NFT Cross-chain Bridge

Multichain Access all in one place

While most of the crosschain NFT bridges live today in the market only allow the bridging between 2 blockchains, ChainSwap’s NFT cross-chain bridge will provide NFT creators/users with access to [BSC, Arbitrum, MATIC, Solana, Terra, AVAX]. Some of these chains are more eco-friendly and gas/transaction fee friendly while some has boarder consumer base. Users would be able to select and bridge in-between the chain of their choices all in one place.

Permission-less; Bridge when you wish

Many crosschain NFT bridges live today requires prior permission from the NFT project having created a profile in the desired destination chain in order for the crosschain bridge to happen/execute, ChainSwap’s NFT cross-chain bridge will allow users to bridge their NFTs from one chain to another chain without the need of any approval/permission/support from the NFT project/issuer or the destination chain. Users can bridge from one supported chain to another whenever they wish.

We value security

While all development has been completed. We are running more tests, continuing to optimize UI, testing signature nodes.

Browse your NFT

ChainSwap is connected to BlockVision NFTscan so users can browse their NFTs with our cross-chain bridge feature.

Let’s Dive in now!

You can follow this user guide to transfer your NFT between BSC and ETH now!

About ChainSwap

ChainSwap is a cross-chain asset bridge & application hub for smart chains. ChainSwap allows projects to seamlessly bridge between ETH, BSC and HECO. In the future ChainSwap will be integrating chains and provide full cross-chain solutions between BTC, DOT, SOL and more.

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The hub for smart chains

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