ChainSwap re-launch, we are live

ChainSwap is excited to announce that we have successfully integrated with Anyswap and Chainswap bridge is now live. We thank our community for its patience during the last few weeks.

The technical summary of the integration:

  1. Chainswap integrated Multichain bridge contract and Anyswap MPC network
  2. Projects and individuals can start to deploy tokens under the Anyswap framework through ChainSwap, and deployed tokens will be compatible on both bridges. Chainswap will be an additional service provider to the Multichain infrastructure
  3. Chainswap will run a separate fee system to generate cross-chain fees that go through Chainswap.
  4. Chainswap will start a frontend for integration.
  5. Research and development: A major goal of the partnership is to research and explore the most elegant ways for cross-chain to grow in the future. ChainSwap will provide resources as additional support to Anyswap development.

A few things to point out:

We will keep improving the integration and the user onboarding experience. Details on the Chainswap V2 design mechanism and the research timeline will be published in the near future.

The bridge is live at, users should clear their cache/hard refresh before use.

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