ChainSwap $TOKEN Public Sale and Airdrop Details

After announcing the success in closing our strategic round with the backing of top-tier institutions, we are excited to announce the details of ChainSwap public sale and Airdrop for AntiMatter ($MATTER) holders.

ChainSwap is launching its own native token with the ticker $TOKEN at the end of April. The public sale is going to be a multi-platform event happening on several platforms simultaneously.

Public Sale details

ChainSwap is introducing the world’s first Uniswap Liquidity Bootstrapping Event, a new public offering model created by ChainSwap.

More information about this innovative Uniswap LBP will be published in a separate article.

In addition to the Uniswap LBP, TOKEN is going to have a multi-platform initial offering. The IDO platforms are as follows:

  • Initial Twitter offering (MASK) (ITO — Initial Twitter Offering)
  • Helmet insurance offering (IIO — Initial Insurance Offering)
  • WeStarter — (IDO — Initial Oversubscribe Offering)
  • SolStarter — (Initial Delayed Offering — Late May)

TOKEN airdrop details for MATTER holders

As promised, 1% of the TOKEN total supply (This is 25% of initial circulating supply) will be airdropped in the form of token options redeemable for TOKEN on the BSC blockchain after listening to our communities feedback on gas fees. The airdrop will be claimable from the ChainSwap website.

Parties eligible for TOKEN Airdrop include:

  • MATTER/ETH LP holders and farmers,
  • MATTER holders,
  • OptionRoom COURT farmers
  • and ChainSwap users

More information will be published in the upcoming week.

TOKEN, the mechanics

The ChainSwap token TOKEN serves as a tool to facilitate platform governance and boost platform utility.

TOKEN utilities will include:

  • Node staking for ChainSwap nodes (Building and securing the ChainSwap smart chain that is cross-chain by default)
  • Asset staking rewards (Providing asset liquidity — the hub)
  • ChainSwap, Application Swap and The ChainSwap Hub fees used to buyback TOKEN
  • ChainSwap fee system
  • ChainSwap liquidity and usage incentivization

More utility will be added and adjusted along the road. Token economics is a dynamic subject that evolves with the project development and product usage.

  • Protocol Rewards: 50%, emission schedule will be published closer to launch
  • Foundation: 10%, one year cliff 25% vested every 3 months
  • Strategic Contributors: 20%, 10% initial then 10% vested per month
  • Public Sale: 1%, 100% unlocked. This amount might vary depending on the Uniswap LBP amount, more details will be published closer to the TGE.
  • Team: 10%, one year cliff 25% vested every 3 months
  • Airdrop: 1%, fully unlocked
  • Liquidity: 8%, fully unlocked on TGE, used for exchange liquidity

An update on the recent development work and soft roadmap:

  • Permission-less token on-boarding will be launched in the upcoming week. This will allow anyone to list and make tokens cross-chain with a few clicks.
  • Liquidity provision cross-chain bridge solution. This solution enables major tokens deployment on ChainSwap (USDT, BUSD..) including tokens existing on multiple chains.
  • Adding more chains to ChainSwap. The first groups of chains we are planning to on-board are xDAI, Polygon, AVAX and Fantom.



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