ChainSwap Uniswap LBP Step By Step Guide

3 min readApr 18, 2021


ChainSwap will hold a Uniswap Liquidity Bootstrapping Event on the 22nd of April. The liquidity bootstrapping even will last 24 hours until the 23rd of April.

What is the ChainSwap Uniswap LBP about? 🦄

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Summary ✨

  • Place:
  • Start time: April 22nd, 1 PM UTC
  • End time: April 23rd, 1 PM UTC
  • Initial Liquidity Provided: $1M worth of ETH and 330,000 TOKEN
  • Opening price $3
  • Token Contract Address:
  • 0x3B73c1B2ea59835cbfcADade5462b6aB630D9890

Step by step guide on how to participate in ChainSwap’s Uniswap LBP 🎉

Step 1: Enter: or Uniswap (You will get a better TOKEN price on

Click on the purple “Token” icon:

Click on the purple “Token” icon

Step 2: You will see the following interface. Click on Participate

Step 3: Enter the amount of TOKEN you want to purchase

Step 4: Congratulations, you have now purchased and received TOKEN in your wallet. You can participate as many times as you want.

Chainswap token contract address:


Ethereum Mainnet:

Binance Smart Chain:

Huobi Eco Chain:

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Important Reminders 🤝

One important reason for using a Uniswap LBP for token distribution is to effectively prevent front-running and speculation. The sale token normally starts at a high price and eventually converges to some lower price (could also be higher than the starting price) per the buy/sell transactions made during the process. There’re a few important reminders we would like to make for your kind attention.

Don’t race to buy

Uniswap LBP is not Flash Sale! You don’t need to rush to buy TOKEN tokens at the start of the sale unless you want to secure the tokens as early as possible. The starting price is normally set at a relatively higher level, but it will fall in the absence of buying demand. The better strategy would be to wait till the price falls to your desired valuation, and you can execute your orders.




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