ChainSwap x Impossible Finance

Today we are announcing that ChainSwap is joining forces with Impossible Finance — innovative DeFi platform that creates inclusive financial instruments for everyone. ChainSwap will become the cross-chain bridge partner for Impossible hub.

Impossible Finance leverages DeFi protocols to democratize access to financial products that were previously only available to institutions and accredited investors. Partnership with ChainSwap will provide Impossible’s users access to a wider selection of assets.

As a part of the partnership, Impossible will integrate ChainSwap’s one click deployment functionality to easily onboard projects with crosschain bridge. We will also be exploring strategic cross-chain applications together.

About Impossible

Impossible Finance uses decentralised financial protocols to give everyone the same access to financial products, which were previously only available to institutions and select individuals.

About ChainSwap

ChainSwap is a cross-chain asset bridge & application hub for smart chains. ChainSwap allows projects to seamlessly bridge between ETH, BSC and HECO. In the future ChainSwap will be integrating chains and provide full cross-chain solutions between BTC, DOT, SOL and more.

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