ChainSwap x OKChain: Integration Announcement

Following a series of our recent partnership announcements, we are excited to share that ChainSwap now supports OKChain — the native decentralized public chain of one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges OKEx — becoming the first cross-chain bridge for OKChain ecosystem.

ChainSwap users are now able to use our one-click functionality to deploy their token on OKChain and bridge with other chains.

Technical details

The Chainswap factory contract on OKCHAIN is 0xBF515ff38D55737C56D62E8B6a8eea322Ec38Aa5

The Chainswap TOKEN is live on OKChain: 0x3B73c1B2ea59835cbfcADade5462b6aB630D9890

You can view smart contracts through

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