ChainSwap x Polygon: Integration Announcement

We are pleased to announce that ChainSwap has successfully integrated (also known as Matic Network) — a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

This integration will enable ChainSwap users to seamlessly swap across multiple chains to and from Polygon.

In addition, it will enable token issuers to deploy their tokens on Polygon and bridge them with other chains in one click.

This is a big step for DeFi.

Technical details

The Chainswap factory contract on polygon is 0xBF515ff38D55737C56D62E8B6a8eea322Ec38Aa5

The Chainswap TOKEN is live on Polygon : 0x3B73c1B2ea59835cbfcADade5462b6aB630D9890



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