Introducing Permissionless Cross-Chain Asset Deployment

We are excited to announce that the permissionless cross-chain asset deployment is live! Our goal is to provide a cross-chain environment that mimics the experience of Uniswap. The current manual token onboarding process for ChainSwap is not suited for mass adoption. We are implementing permissionless token listing for ChainSwap, making it seamless to list any token just like on Uniswap.

Anyone can cross-chain their token contracts through ChainSwap’s permissionless bridge system. This feature is suitable for three cases:

  • You already have a token issued on one chain such as Ethereum, and you have not issued your tokens on other chains.

Step by step how to deploy your asset and make it cross-chain

Step 1: Enter

Connect your wallet that you used to deploy your main token.

Step 2: Enter your token contract address and select your current main chain.

Then enter the nonce of the transaction that you deployed your token. You can find nonce through guide.

Step 3: Select ‘I confirm token information’ and click ‘Deploy’. Confirm the transaction and wait for completion.

Step 4: Select the chain/chains that you want to deploy on. Switch wallet network to the destination chain. Click on Deploy. Confirm the transaction and wait for completion.

Step 5: After successful deployment on each chain. Click on ‘next step’.

Step 6: Deploying the factory contract to connect all mapping contracts together.

Congratulations! Your token is now cross-chain and listed on the ChainSwap bridge 🎉

Fee rate:

The permission-less deployment on ChainSwap charges a fee of 0.3ETH for each token. (Break down: The mapping contract deployment fee is 0.1ETH and the factory contract deployment fee is 0.2 ETH). The fees will go to the contract which are managed by the ChainSwap Dao. Fees will be used to buy back TOKEN from the market.


When you finish your deployment process, you can bridge swap your token through ChainSwap portal. Users will need to search for your token contract to be able to find your token. If you want to facilitate the process and add your token logo, you can apply for whitelisting for your token, and ChainSwap team will verify and add it to the whitelist.

Token information:

Once you deploy your token, you can search your token information through Your token contract addresses on different chains will be displayed in each token profile.

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