What’s Next for ChainSwap?

The last several weeks weren’t easy for ChainSwap. Looking back, we understand that there are things we could have done differently. We did an internal reflection and tried to find where we got wrong in our development process, and how we can improve.

Here are the main points:

  • ChainSwap is 4 months old. We speed up our development process as much as we could to respond to the growing demand for permissionless cross-chain. We focused on the efficiency and productivity, and tried to launch the application as fast as we can.
  • Although we went through the audit of two independent auditing firms, we didn’t put enough effort into self-testing and internal code review. The two incidents of the last month showed us that we need to switch from fast development to more thorough internal review.
  • Going forward, we will always put safety as a priority and form a development inspection pipeline that the team will follow straightly.
  • The pipeline includes several stages including internal code review, writing testing environment and using the test code to pressure test. In addition, we will partner with better auditing firms to conduct the inspection.

Lastly, it has to be said that despite cross-chain sector being tough and complex, we are here to stay and we will work hard to launch ChainSwap V2. We will work with industry leaders in cross-chain to improve the project. What doesn’t kill us make us stronger!

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