• ChainSwap is 4 months old. We speed up our development process as much as we could to respond to the growing demand for permissionless cross-chain. We focused on the efficiency and productivity, and tried to launch the application as fast as we can.
  • Although we went through the audit of two independent…


  • On July 2nd at 04:30 AM UTC ChainSwap got exploited.
  • Total damage is estimated to be around $800,000
  • Full compensation is almost completed. All affected users will be compensated from the ChainSwap treasury


About Solo.top


  • Users will be able to stake their major assets such as USDT as single side LP on ChainSwap and earn rewards.
  • Dynamic arbitrage system where LPs are able to arbitrage their liquidity and recieve rewards on a FCFS basis
  • LPs are rewarded in TOKEN
  • No slippage, no lockup on staked assets
  • Liquidity bridge fee is…

About Impossible

About DAFI


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